However, various other Rooster Teeth employees they should

Canon Immigrant: Both The Mad King and The Corpirate have been featured in various Achievement Hunter Let’s Plays before moving to this series as villains. Card Carrying Villain: The Mad King, who loves to brag about how evil he is. Catch Phrase: X Ray has «SUCK MY X RAY!» Celebrity Paradox: Potentially; X Ray and Vav appear to be, at the very least, real life Ray and Gavin. However, various other Rooster Teeth employees they should know in that case voice various characters. For example, Hilda is voiced by Lindsay Jones, the Mad King is voiced by Ryan Haywood and the Corpirate is voiced by Geoff Ramsey. Chekhov’s Gun: X Ray’s x ray vision, despite being often ignored in favour of Eye Beams, is used in the final episode to locate Hilda. Vav’s slow mo hands are also used properly in Episode 4 in order to keep X Ray from being pushed off by the Corpirate’s key beam. Rusty’s tinfoil hat is actually how you protect yourself from the brainwashing. Did you really think the season would end without a little closure as to how Plan A 42b version 6 worked? Chronic Hero Syndrome: X Ray refuses to turn off his laser beams because he’s determined to be the hero. Cloudcuckoolander: Rusty has his moments of this. The Cuckoolander Was Right: Rusty beats up Mrs. Tewiliger, saying she was «Brainwashed by the Government, sent to kill you.» Which seems unlikely, but if you look at her eyes, they are the same blank yellow eyes people have when they are mind controlled by the key. Comically Missing the Point: When the Mayor looks out his window and sees the destruction X Ray is causing with his Eye Beams, he’s more annoyed that the city no longer matches the scale model replica he just finished building. When a stray blast ricochets through the window and wrecks the model as well, he thanks X Ray for making it accurate once more. You find the helicopter, I’ll get the squid.

Last Note Nightmare Loudness War: The Subliminal Verses. This can be heard in songs such as «Eyeless» and the outro of «The Blister Exists.» Metal Scream Mohs Scale of Rock and Metal Hardness: Most songs are a 7, with their harder songs creeping to 8 or 9 and softer ones a 5 6. Live performances of their heavier songs can get up to a 10. Iowa is their hardest album overall, with the majority of the songs being a 9/borderline 10. Murder Ballad: «Iowa», a Serial Killer’s ode to his first victim. New Sound Album: From Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses onward, they began to use more traditional and melodic metal song structures (including several acoustic ballads), began to incorporate guitar solos and did not rely on electronics as heavily. That said, The Gray Chapter amps up the electronic and scratch work, although not back to pre Vol. 3 levels. Non Appearing Title A large portion of their songs are this. Number of the Beast: «The Heretic Anthem» starts with an electronic voice counting «8, 7, 6, 6, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0.», then continues throughout the chorus. If you’re 555 then I’m 666.

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